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Racehorse Ownership

Buy a share in one or more for a year

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Racehorse Ownership

own a share in a racehorse for a year


Racehorse Ownership Club offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to buy a small share in a racehorse performance for a year for a one-off payment. There is no bloodstock equity and therefore there are no ongoing costs for training fees or vet bills or indeed any of the costs involved during the one-year term.

All the horses are already racing or very close to racing so there is no long term wait to see your horse run. It’s a perfect gift to give on special occasions such as a birthday, Christmas, Mother or Father’s Day.

The idea is to follow your horse, follow the blogs and read about the weekly trainer updates. Get involved from an armchair on race day along with having a small flutter along the way.

Even if you are a keen racing fan then why not opt-in and be part of not just one but all the horses on the site. Everyone involved will also get a share of the winnings.

The fun and excitement throughout the year is well worth the small outlay, so why not take a glance over the horses available and treat someone to a special and unique gift today.

Available Horses

Own shares in our horses and share in winnings. Just click/tap a horse below to learn more.

Jersey Grey




Rock Of Star


Etoile Brillante






The Rain King


Annie Nail






Blitz Spirit


Boolamore Glory


China Princess


King of War


Near Dark




Three Shades Of Grey


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As An Owner

You’ll receive

  • Owners pack (sent first class)
    Share certificate for a year, colour photo and presentation folder.
  • Daily and weekly blogs on the website
    Gallop updates, photos, videos and weekly update from the trainer.
  • Race day live
    Updates on entries and feedback from both the jockey & trainer. You are able to opt in to receive Owners Badges drawn every race.
  • A share of the winnings
    Any winnings your horse earns will be paid out in line with the percentage of your share after usual trainers/jockeys percentage. All winnings will be paid out at the end of the term.

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